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    Tax Rates

    1. To add new tax go to Settings -> Tax Rates -> Add
    2. Add a descriptive name (eg: “VAT@5%”) and specify the “Tax Rate%”

    Tax Groups

    1. Sometime you will need to apply multiple taxes to an invoice or purchase. So you should create tax groups by combining multiple taxes.
    2. To add a Tax Group – Click on Add Button, Give a meaningful name, select the tax you want to use in this tax group.
    3. The tax rate of tax group will be the sum of tax rates of Sub-taxes added.
    4. If sub-tax is edited the corresponding tax group’s tax rate will also get updated accordingly.
    5. You cannot delete a Tax if it is used in a Tax Group.

    Disable Tax

    1. Don’t add Tax Rates in settings
    2. Go to Settings – Business Settings.
      1. Uncheck “Enable inline tax in purchase and sell
      2. Uncheck “Enable Price & Tax info
      3. Select “Default Sale Tax” as None
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