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    Error 1:

    Sometime during synchronizing you may get the following message/error

    “live.EMERGENCY: File:………\vendor\automattic\woocommerce\src\WooCommerce\HttpClient\HttpClient.phpLine:375Message:Syntax error”


    In your WooCommerce “API Settings” change the “Woocommerce App URL” by adding “index.php” to it.

    Example: Change the URL from to

    Error 2:

    Sometimes in WooCommerce API bulk operations (add/edit/delete) are restricted. So it will give a error like
    “Sorry, you are not allowed to batch manipulate this resource. [woocommerce_rest_cannot_batch]”

    To resolve this error, follow this steps:

    1. Install & activate Code Snippet plugin in wordpress.
    2. Go to Snippet -> Add New and add a new snippet
    3. The snippet will have below writen codes:add_filter( ‘woocommerce_rest_check_permissions’, ‘allow_bulk_operation’, 10, 4 );
      function allow_bulk_operation( $permission, $context, $object_id, $type ) {
      return true;
    4. Save & Activate it.

    Now it will allow the bulk operation from api.

    If you want to understand it more better, check this link:

    in Online Billing SoftwareWooCommerce
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