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    1. Click on register business link on the welcome page or click here
    2. Registering business involves multiple steps;  Business Details, Tax details, and Owner details.
    3. Business Details: Fill out the relevant fields; select the appropriate currency & Time zone; click on Next. Time Zone & Currency can be different for different registered businesses.
    4. Tax Details: You should fill out at least one Tax name and Tax number. Tax is like GST/VAT which varies for different countries. Fill details & click on next.
    5. Owner Details: Provide asked details. Username & Password are used to login so make sure you remember them.
    6. The owner created during this registration will be admin of the business. More admin can be added/edited/deleted from user management section.
    7. Click on the register button and after successful registration, it will get redirected to login screen. Login with owner username/password created.

    Note: You can change any of the above details in the business settings section.

    in Landmark write “near / backside of place name”

    Fill all require details and click on next

    You can add tax details here or later and click next

    add owner details

    Set username and password carefully, in password use alphabetic (UPPER and lower case), numeric(0-9) and special character (!@#$%^&*()_+)

    tick on box –  

    Click on register.

    After that your page redirect on login page.


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