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    Now that you have added your Facebook account and you have authenticated your apps, it is time to prepare your account for the first post. There are some things that must be in place for you to start using Facebook Group Poster, and they are

    1. Setting your Time Zone

    If your time zone is not set, you might discover that your (local) time is different from the server time when you want to schedule a post. And this might lead to you posting at the wrong time, which might not meet what you have planned.

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    How to set your Time Zone

    You can simply set your time zone by going to Settings from the main menu, General Settings, Timezone. As shown in the image below.

    facebook group poster

    2. Set your Posting Settings

    Posting settings is very important if you want to achieve a great result in auto posting to multiple Facebook groups. To set your posting settings, from the main menu, go to Settings, Posting Settings.

    This article is mostly concern with these three options

    facebook group poster


    • Show Open Groups Only: This is a unique feature that enables you to hide all the CLOSED and SECRET Facebook books on your list. Leaving you with only the OPEN groups. Open groups allow you to post without direct to the group walls without the group admin having to moderate what you have posted. This tools is great for those who wants their posts to get directly to the targeted audience quickly.
    • Unique Posts: This adds a unique id to each post posted to every Facebook group. This is a feature that protects you from getting banned by facebook because with unique post and your interval well set, you will be invincible to the Facebook spam bot from discovering that you are running an auto poster to post to the Facebook groups.
    • Unique Link: This is almost the same as the Unique posts, the only difference is that unique link adds a unique link to all your links which still points to the same destination. This prevents Facebook from banning or flagging your link. This tool is great for those promoting affiliate links, website or blog post.
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