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    For you to fully utilize the full power of FB Auto Tool’s facebook group auto poster, you must target the right audience with your posts. Having hundreds of groups and posting to them is a good thing and a sure way to earn traffic, but the most important aspect of posting to multiple facebook groups with our auto poster is engaging the users. Making them click your links. This is where FB Auto Tool group sorting comes in, with our tool, you can engage different groups with the users in mind with your posts.


    NOTE: Use Google Chrome Browser while creating Categories.


    How to create a Category

    To create a category, go to Home from the main menu, scroll down to there table where you have your group list. Click on create category , then write name and click on create. You’ll get a message that category is successfully added.

    facebook group poster


    How to Add Facebook Groups to a Category

    To add groups to your newly created category, check the box at the start of every group, select the category you want to add the group in the pop up.

    A success message will appear. Congratulations! you have successfully created and added a facebook group to a category.

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