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    • Periodic reposting is such a feature that you can repost your post as many times you want. Now it’s available for the scheduled post only. When you set scheduled your post, you would see there reposting and time interval. Reposting means how many times you want to repost your posts, and the time interval means the time gap between each post their scheduled time. When you set reposting it will be stored into the database under the main campaign as sub-campaign.The main campaign will be editable until the rest of the sub-campaign uncompleted. If all the sub-campaigns will be completed under the main campaign then it will not editable anymore. if the main campaign completed or posted but sub-campaign are still pending this time you can edit only campaign content not the schedule time. All content editable when only main campaign not completed or posted. Also you can see main campaign full report .If you want to delete the main campaign, rest of the sub-campaign will be deleted.
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    • Reposting data show
    • Main Campaign Full Report


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