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    Messenger Broadcaster is a tools for broadcasting non-promotional structured message to Facebook page’s messenger leads. This is using BOT API for sending message. Send message to all messenger leads within few seconds. It’s super-fast and cheap comparatively other service available across the web.

    Facebook App Approval

    Messenger Broadcaster will require SubScription Messaging approval for each page

    Go to you page and click settings

    Scroll down and to advanced messaging features & click request

    Fill the form following the video below and click submit for review


    Broadcast Eligible Pages

    You can see your pages approval status, estimated reach for quick bulk broadcast and your bot subscriber list here.

    Check Review Status: It will check if the page have subscription messaging permission or not. Also this will store unsubscribe and resubscribe default template to database and create default label. You need to click this button alleast once after you get subscription messaging approval for your page.

    Eastimate quick send reach: It will get the quick bulk broadcast estimation on current time and will get updated result.

    Unsubscribe & resubscribe template settings: You can edit the default unsubscribe & resubscribe message template. Unsubscribe template will be sent to subscriber when he/she unsubscribe and will offer them to resubscribe. Another template is welcome message on resubscribe.

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