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    We have been discussing about account import, lead import and creating campaign. This app has something more powerful. It’s the lead generator. Yes, you get it right. This tool will build huge lead list for your pages

    Enable Auto Reply

    • The first job is to enable auto private reply/comment reply for your posts. To do so, click “Get Latest Post & Enable Auto Reply” button against a particular page. It will show you latest post of that page and you can enable auto reply then. You can also enable private reply/comment reply by clicking “Enable reply by post id” button & putting post id.

    • Now click “Enable Auto Reply” for enabling any particular post. You can send generic message or can send filtering based message. You can add upto 10 filtering options. Each filtering option contains a comma seperated word/sentence field and message field. Anyone who will comment on this post will get the message in his inbox (for private reply) and get the comment (for comment reply). You can choose whether you want private reply/comment reply or both.


    • Reply also may contain emojis, simple clicking the smile icon will open the emoji library.

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