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    The first job is to enable auto comment for your posts. To do so, click “Get Latest Post & Enable Auto Comment” button against a particular page. It will show you latest post of that page and you can enable auto comment then. You can also enable auto comment for a specific post by clicking “Enable by post id” button & putting the post id.

    Now click “Enable Auto Comment” for enabling any particular post.

    Choose pre-defined auto comment template, choose schedule type : one time or periodic.Onetime campaign will comment only the first comment of the selected template and periodic campaign will auto comment multiple time periodically as per your settings. If you choose one time then just select the time & time zone to comment. Periodic have some other settings like how frequntly you want to comment, campaign start & end time, comment in between time. Also you can choose random/serial comment. Random type will pick a comment from template randomly each time and serial type will pick the comment serially from selected template first to last.

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