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    • See reports of all pending,processing and completed campaigns.There are three controlling options : pause , play and force-process. Pausing campaign will stop sending sending message and playing again will restart sending again. If you think campaign has been stoped for some system failure like timeout then you can force-process the campaign to resume it again.

    • Click the “Report” button to see delivery status of your message. Report will display status of message delivery for each lead.
    • Suppose you are sending message to 500 people and 10 or 20 of them have blocked your page to receive message from them. In this situation system will stop sending message as soon as it gets 10 errors response during sending message to protect you from any kind of unwanted blocking by Facebook. If the campaign has been completed without sending to all and you think you can proceed the campaign & there is less possibilty to get error response, you will see a button Resend from where it is left off to resume sending where it is left off before completion of campaign.
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