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    Installation of Android App

    In order to turn your Android phone into a SMS Gateway you have to download the app.

    App download link


    • Android 6 (Marshmallow) or above
    • Device with 3 GB or more RAM. It works on lower spec devices but you may experience degraded performance.
    • A device with Google Play Services. If your device has Google Play Store then it means it does have Google Play Services.
    • Android device must be connected with internet

    App Inatallation Steps

    Step-01: Open any browser from your android smartphone and browse this url “” a downloading process will be started instantly. Here I am using “Chrome” browser.

    Step-02: Go to the downloaded file location “mobile-sms-gateway.apk” and click on that file, an installation process will be started. If there showing alert messages then ignore that and allow to install. Press “INSTALL” button

    Step-03: It’s may take few moments to complete the installation process. After successfully installed, open the app.

    Step-04: Press “Allow” button for the permission “Make and manage phone calls”

    Step-05: Input Admn panel url “” in the server URL field.

    Step-06: Press OK and Press “Back” button 2 times to go to login page. Input login credentails and press “Login” button.

    Step-07: Press “Allow” button for the permission “Send and View SMS messages”

    Step-08: Press “Allow” button for the permission “Access your contacts”

    Step-9: Almost Done! Now, you have logged in into your dashboard

    Step-10: Sidebar Drawer

    Important Notes

    • Make sure your enter right remote server URL
    • If you input an incorrect URL and proceed to next then you have to un-install the app and install again or clear storage data/cache and run again then you can set the server URL again.

    How to clear storage data/cache

    • Settings > Apps > Mobile SMS Gateway > Storage > Press “Cear Data” and “Clear Cache” button
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