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With a long experience in this filed, we know exactly your needs and we work to fulfil it, Smart Business Sender is a Windows application with a lot of futures that make it the number 1 tool in the market in this industry, Smart Business Sender includes major features like sending campaigns and bulks, AutoReply bot, and very fast number verifier (Filter). Do not hesitate, go get it now 🙂

Main Features

Safe Sending Mode

Piece of mind, send without worrying about blocking

Blind Sending Mode

Send to all destinations

Fast Filtering

You can use this design as-is, or you can make changes!

Auto Reply Bot

Is it really open source if it’s not made with love?

How to use

Smart Business Sender Options

User friendly interface
Cloud based egine
Multi sending Mode
Imports files, WhatsApp contacts
Post to Groups
Auto-Reply messages
Auto-Reply rules
Fast Numbers filter
Advanced reporting system
Multi-languages support
Multimedia files sending supports
Multi-Messages sending
Random delay between messages
Spin Tags and random tags
Schedule sending

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Please note that

This application not related and does reflect WhatsApp brand in any way, it’s just a standalone tool that can facilitate and extend some options in WhatsApp, its not a spam tool and not allowed to use it for spamming or violating WhatsApp policies.

We try hard to deliver you the best services but sometimes you may face issues due to changes from Whatsapp Side, as will be delivering you the working software you can have a test and pay us the software cost, we can not guarantee the software will be working for all the time.

The money paid is not refundable purchase it at your own risk.


$40 1 YEAR 1 PC


$120 1 YEAR


Unlimited PC & Validity
$250 3 Months Update

Re-seller Re-Brand

White Label Reseller
$400 3 Months Update