Grow Your Business Faster with Auto Page Manager Tool

Auto Page Manager Tool is a revolutionary, world’s very first, most powerful marketing software for Facebook. The magic part of Auto Page Manager Tool is to send promotional message to pages old & new messenger leads, where all other service allow to send only non-promotional messages & new leads. Read more about how Auto Page Manager Tool send promotional message.

Bulk Message Campaign

Multiple Facebook Account, Sync. Page’s Messenger Leads, Lead Grouping, Send Bulk Message to Leads,Auto Sync. Everyday, Multi-page Campaign Set option

Auto Comment Tools

Auto Comment on Page Post as Page, One-time & Periodic Comment, Serial & Random Periodic Comment, Auto Comment Template Management, Emoji and spintax comment

Lead Generator

Auto Private Reply for Post Comment, Auto Comment Reply for Post Comment, Highly Customization Auto Private Reply & Comment Reply Text, Send Message Button for Your Website

Page Inbox & Notification Manager

Pages Message in One Place, All Unread Message in One Place, Reply Option from One Place, Unread Message Information Notification to Email

Page Posting Features

Text,Image,Multi-image,Video & Link Post, Carousel & Slideshow Post, CTA Button Post, Schedule/Instant Post to Your All Facebook Pages with a Single Click

RSS Posting

RSS Auto-posting, Multilingual Support (Built-in 12 Languages), Eye-catching Ad-ready Landing Page, Automatic Update, Add-on Support, Awesome Dashboard

Instagram Business Account Auto Reply

A tool for auto reply of comment of your Instagram business accounts, reply anywhere your business account is mentioned , business account analytics, business discovery and search latest & top post with Hashtag...

Live With Pre-recorded video

Live Video streaming tool which allows you to go live in Facebook (Page/Group/Time Line) with Pre-recorded video and share across all your pages. You can go live immediately or schedule

Messenger Broadcaster

Messenger Broadcaster is a tools for broadcasting non-promotional structured message to Facebook page’s messenger leads.Send message to all messenger leads within few seconds. It’s super-fast and cheap comparatively other service available across the web.

Full Page Response

This feature allows you to set comment auto reply and comment private reply with one settings for the full page. Imagine you have lot of pages & posting each day. We know it's hard to setup auto reply & private reply for each post individually, so this feature solve this serious problem.

Social Poster

A social media posting tool, which allows you to publish post in multiple social medias using one campaign. It currently supports 5 types of posting features for 10 social media.

Auto Tag People Who Comment

Allows to auto reply comment with tagging the commenter and auto comment your post by tagging all commenter.Mentioning commenter in reply will make it more personalize and Notification will sent to commenter.

Ultra Response

This Feature allow you to hide/delete comment to prevent stealing your customer and delete unwanted comment from Facebook page post. It also contains the feature to auto reply with image/gif and video to make reply more attractive.

Auto Message Reply Bot

You will be able to set your bot for multiple pages. The bot can reply with text, post back button, quick reply, image, video, template, carousel template & so on. Setting up your messenger with Bot will reply all your customers in messenger very fast.

Bot Setting Import Export

Allows you to export/import complete bot settings as well as diaplay settings a multi-level tree. Visual tree can be very useful to how your bot is working and what's the reply flow.

We are usually asked about

What is Auto Page Manager Tool / Facebook Messenger Marketing Software?

Facebook Messenger Marketing / Auto Page Manager Tool is a complete Facebook messenger marketing software. It is able to send bulk message to your messenger leads from your pages and have some very cool stuff to generate messenger leads so easily and rapidly. Also it has inbox manager that will help you to manage your page’s message in one dashboard.

To whom i can send message?

You will be able to send from your pages only. And you can send message to a conversation. Means those who have already message to your pages or have a conversation with him. Pages can’t initiate any conversation first.

Does this message go to inbox?

Yes, This message goes to inbox directly. Not other folder.

How can i get more leads form FB Messenger Marketing Software?

Facebook Messenger Marketing Software has some great tools for your Facebook marketing that will help your build your messenger leads easily. Private auto reply, Message Us Button, Chat Plugin, Messenger Ad Campaign, Message Page CTA post all help you to generate messenger leads.

When an auto reply sent to commenter, is he/she added as leads?

Yes. He will be eligible for sending message. After syncing page, leads will be imported in Facebook Messenger Marketing Software.

If one people subscribe in multiple pages, then once campaign will sent duplicate message?

No, Same person will not get message multiple time for a campaign.

Can i send message from my profile?

No. Only pages can send message.

Is there any possibilty to block my account?

The application is developed with Facebook official API. So everything is designed in leagal way. But you shouldn’t be too much aggressive and shouldn’t do abusive use. So use delay feature during sending bulk message. And split your campaign with small number of leads. This application is tested for several months, before launching and also we use in our own business. There is no problem. But we are not responsible for your abusive use.

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