Planify Plus Features

Dashboard –

Allows to display the user plan’s activity and widgets can be added dynamically.

planify plus


The Posts app allows to connect the most popular social networks and publish or schedule posts. The Posts app has 5 sections:

  1. Composer – connect social networks, schedule posts, get preview(individual preview for each social network is a urgent scheduled feature which will be available in a short time), get accounts based on the most used in the last 30 days, get popular hashtags from Twitter or Instagram in legal way and With Planify Plus‘s Ads Manager you can boost posts on social networks, auto create ads based on your preferences and with Planify Plus‘s Social Planner you can plan posts directly from the Composer’s tab.
  2. Scheduled – create new posts for selected date, see the scheduled posts, and delete posts. this section has a quick scheduler feature which allows posts scheduling with a click on the date.
  3. Insights – get insights for published posts. With one click you can get insights for scheduled posts, reply and moderate comments. In the same section you can get Insights for connected accounts, see the posts list, get individual insights, moderate, create and reply to comments.
  4. History – here you can see all scheduled, drafted and published posts. By clicking on the Details button you will get the post’s content and list with social networks where will be published or were published. If was an error, Planify Plus will show the error message and user will understand what is wrong. From History you can generate even reports for published posts.
  5. RSS Feeds** – allows to create a list with RSS Feeds, enable or disable them, search and delete them. By clicking on Manage you will get other 5 sections from where you can automatize the RSS posting or schedule only the posts you want. RSS posting has more options which will help you to publish posts as you want. In the RSS’s History you can get information about posting and error messages. You can even generate reports.

Available social networks where you can publish: Facebook Groups, Facebook Pages, Youtube, Dailymotion, Reddit, Flickr, Imgur, Instagram**, Linkedin, Linkedin Companies**, Twitter, Tumblr, Blogger, WordPress, VK, Telegram Channels, Telegram Groups, Odnoklassniki(Одноклассники)** and Google My Business.

Planify Plus allows to create groups with accounts and publish in all group’s accounts with a click. You can use groups with accounts in Posts app, RSS, Stream and Social Planner.

With Planify Plus you can publish in any website created with WordPress.


Vk – Publish Photos and Video On Vk Groups and Business Pages

Planify Plus allows to connect all VK communities which are yours and publish videos, photos, text and links. Multiple images posting is supported too. RSS is supported too and Planify Plus will publish on VK Communties RSS’s posts with links and images.

Planify Plus allows to see insights for the published posts, moderate comments, reply to comments and publish new comments on VK Communities. With one click you will see the number of views, likes, reposts and comments for a post published from Planify Plus or a post from your community.

Social Planner

Social Planner is the most advanced tool which can automatize the posting of posts on social networks. With several clicks you can planify the posting of your posts for the next year. You can select the days when the posts will be published, interval of two dates and interval of two hours. You can select the order of posts and limit number of published posts per day.

With Social Planner you can select up to 100 posts for planification and planify them with several clicks. You can select both social accounts and groups with accounts. You can add unlimited rules for each planification.

If you have 100 posts, them will be published from 1 to 100 and then will start again from 1. And you have the option random and selected posts will be published in random way.

With this app you can create new posts with images, videos, links, title and text. You can even import from a CSV file up to 1000 posts. On the calendar you will see the planned posts per day, week or month. You can click on them and see details. Anytime you can delete the planned posts for an exact day or edit them.

Social accounts can be connected in the manager directly from the Planify modal. Same for groups with accounts. You can select or unselect them even for saved planifications. Posts can be edited even for saved planifications and you can create new rules.

You have the possibility to add images to a category, select a number of posts and multimedia category and the category’s multimedia will be added automatically in random way to the selected posts. You can add/remove multimedia files in the multimedia category whenever you want from the Storage app.


1. Auto Reply for Facebook Page

Planify Plus’s Inbox app allows to connect all your Facebook Pages Inboxes and reply to your clients. You can create quick replies and auto reply to your clients based on exact phrases or words. You can create even a list with Private Messages which will auto-reply to your Facebook Page comments based on exact phrases or words. For both Quick Replies and Private Messages you have analytics section where you can see the App activity. The app is based on official api and users connects their pages with a click.


2. Auto Reply for Instagram

This feature allows to automatize the moderation of the comments on Instagram, auto comment photos where is mentioned the subscribed user to this plugin and auto reply on comments where is mentioned the subscribed user to this plugin.

This feature can be used even for quick replies on Instagram. User can create a list with words or phrases and when someone comments the user’s photos or videos on Instagram, will receive instantly an auto reply.

Moderation and mentions comments/replies are based on a list with words/phrases. With this plugin is possible to create customized auto replies and comments for individual words where is mentioned the subscribed user account(for example reminder or present last discount deals).

You don’t need to take care about Instagram penalization because this plugin uses their official api and permissions.


Allows to manage the uploaded files based. The main feature at this moment is the Categories. You can create categories with multimedia files which will be added in random way in the Social Planner for created planifications.

Ads Manager – Instagram, Facebook and Whatsapp**

Ads Manager allows you manage in the best way the ads on Facebook, Facebook Marketplace, Facebook Messenger, Instagram and Whatsapp**. With Ads Manager you can create unlimited ad campaigns, ad sets and ads in an easy way. Ads Manager allows to publish ads with videos, images, links and text on Facebook, Facebook Marketplace, Facebook Messenger, Instagram and Whatsapp**.

Ads Manager is better than any other similar product due to an original idea, called Ad Labels.

How the Ad Labels work?

  • First you have to create an Ad Campaign
  • Next you have to create an Ad Set with wanted audience(country, city, age, money to spend daily, etc). For each Ad Set you can select platforms where will be displayed the created Ads.
  • Next from Automatizations -> Ad Labels you have to create a new label by selecting Ad Campaign and Ad Sets.
  • Then select the time for how long will be displayed the created Ads.
  • Each Ad Label has a category, based on Ad Campaign’s objective(it’s selected automatically).
  • From the Planifyplus’s Posts app or Social Planner you can connect the Ad Labels with the category Link Clicks and Video Views.
  • Once connected in the Planifyplus’s Posts app or Social Planner, you can select them and schedule/plan ads creation. You need only to add url/image/video and text and the Ad will be created at expected time in the easiest way possible.
  • With Ad Labels you can let Planifyplus to find clients for you every day by spending for example 1 $ per day. For 1$ you will get up to 1000 views and Social Planner allows you to select the best time in the day when people are ready to pay. You can select the days of the week and and Planner will search clients for you every day.
  • Each time when an Ad is created, Planifyplus starts to count the time and when will reach the time which you’ve setup in the Ad Label, Planifyplus will stop the Ad to be displayed.
  • Ad Labels are the best way to find clients by spending less money.

How the Ad Boosts work?

  • First you have to create an Ad Campaign and Ad Set with your preferences.
  • Then create an Ad Boost with your Facebook Page, Instagram Account and time to boost a post.
  • Then you will have the Ad Boost as option in the Posts page. You can select the created Ad Boost for every posts you want.
  • For example you can create Ad Boosts for every city you want and with a click you will select where will be boosted a post.

Stream – for like, unlike, follow, unfollow, gmail replies and news read

The Stream provides an original way to monitor all your online activity in a single page. You can see in real time all your emails, private messages on social networks, comments, RSS’s posts and you can interact with them.

The Stream allows you to reply to emails, comments, posts, share posts, like, unlike, follow, unfollow, retweet and vote.

The main goal is audio alerts. Users can open Planify Plus’s in a browser tab, connect more Stream’s templates and select a sound alert for each stream. Then users can leave Planify Plus in background and when they will have new events, the Stream’s app will play the selected audio alerts. Custom audio alerts will help users to understand what kind of new events they have.

Users can custom each Stream template with any kind of colors to help them identify faster the Stream. When a Stream has new events, this will be displayed even in the tab to help users find easily the tab where they have new events. Each tab could have a custom auto refresh interval and you can refresh even manually with a click a tab’s Streams.

At this moment the Stream has 29 templates:

Instagram(Official Api)

Follow Instagram User

This template allows to see in real time the last media of any Instagram Business Account. You can see number of comment, likes and share the liked media.

My Media

Shows your last media from Instagram and you can see insights, read comments and reply to comments.

Displays the most popular media from Instagram based on hashtags. You can enter a hashtag or more and the template will display the most popular media. The media can be shared on social networks.

Recent Media

Displays the most recent media from Instagram based on hashtags. You can enter a hashtag or more and the template will display the most recent media. The media can be shared on social networks.

Tagged Media

Displays the media where your business where tagged. You will see the last 10 media and you will get alerts when you will be tagged again.

Account Insights

Number of followers, medias and the last media with insights. Any business account is supported.



Displays the last 10 your followers and you can follow them back.

My Tweets

Displays the last 10 your tweets with number of retweets and favorites. You can retweet/unretweet and favorite/unfavorite them.

New Tweets

Displays the last tweets on Twitter with number of retweets and favorites. You can retweet/unretweet and favorite/unfavorite them. The tweets are displayed based on your keywords.

Displays the most popular tweets on Twitter with number of retweets and favorites. You can retweet/unretweet and favorite/unfavorite them. The tweets are displayed based on your keywords.

Search Users

Displays the newest Twitter members based on your keywords and you can follow/unfollow them with a click.

Facebook Groups

Group Posts

Displays the last posts from your Facebook Group with number of comments, shares and you can read the comments.



Displays the last 10 emails from your Gmail Inbox. You can read them, reply and hear sound alerts for new emails.

VK(will be added more than 15 since this social networks provides a lot of features via api)


Displays the last 10 posts where you was mentioned. You can see posts insights and comments.

News Feed

Displays the last 10 posts from VK based on your keywords.

Vk Profile

Displays the last your 10 posts with comments and insights. You can reply to the comments.


My Guests

Displays the last your 10 account guests.


My Subscribers

Displays the last your channel subscribers and you can subscribe/unsubscribe to their channel.

Filter Videos

Displays the last 10 Youtube’s videos based on your keywords. The list with videos is updated every day.

Displays the last 10 Youtube’s videos uploaded today and which are popular. You can filter videos by category.

Facebook Pages(Official Api)

Page’s Fans By Country

Displays the countries from where people liked your Facebook Page. You will see results in real time and number of fans per country.

Page Inbox

Displays the last 10 your Facebook Page Inbox’s conversations and you can see the last 10 messages per conversation and reply back.

Page Posts

Displays the last 10 your Facebook Page’s posts and you can reply to the comments. For each post you will see the number of shares and comments.

Page Reviews

Displays the last 10 your Facebook Page’s reviewes and you can comment each review and reply to comments. Deletion is not possible.

Tagged Page

Displays groups, pages and users posts where your page was tagged.

Gogle My Business

Location Reviews

Displays the last 10 Google My Business’s locations reviews. You can see the review and reply to review.


Blog Comments

With this template you can see the last 10 comments from the selected Blogger’s blog. You can’t reply but you can delete comments.


Blog Followers

Displays the last 10 blog’s followers for any Tumblr’s selected blog.

Display Posts by Tag

Displays the last 10 popular posts based on your tag. You can enter a tag and popular posts will be displayed. You can reshare them in any social networks available.


RSS Reader

Displays the last RSS’s feed posts and you can share them on social networks.

Ebay Marketplace – Dropshipping and Ebay Management

Planify Plus allows to easily connect all your eBay accounts and manage them from one page.

This feature allows you to connect the eBay accounts with several click. Then, you will get in real time information about orders(like created time, number of products sold, price, order status, products sold, user contact information and other details).

All products are getting in real time from eBay and you can see their status, quantity sold, quantity available, the date when ending listing and you can delete them with a click.

Planify Plus allows to create a new product based on your preferences and select photos with a click. You can select one or more accounts where will be published your products. You can even select social networks where will be shared the published products and with Ads Manager you can boost your products on social networks.

In the Analytics tab you can generate reports based on time for transaction, conversion rate, store views, search views, external views, direct views, total views and total impressions. You can even download the reports in a csv file.

Key features:

  • Easy eBay accounts connection.
  • Real time orders with buyer details and order information.
  • Create easy new products and publish them in more eBay accounts.
  • Auto suggest categories based on title.
  • Displays variations with suggestions based on selected category.
  • Share created products in real time on the most popular social networks.
  • Generate reports and download them in a CSV file.
  • You can create automatically ads on social networks with your eBay products.


** Upcoming, On Request, In development